Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tchau America!

As I write this, I am on my way to Brazil! Right now, we are flying over Madison, Wisconsin! And it has been nothing but smooth sailing for the last 4 hours. One more hour, and we will land in Detroit, where I will make my departure for Brazil!
To give an update on the past week: I was packed by last Thursday, then I re-packed about 3 times throughout the week. Then Tuesday and Wednesday were days filled with double-checking, triple-checking, and even quadruple-checking to make sure I had everything. By Wednesday afternoon, I came to the conclusion that if I forgot something not to sweat it...I'm sure they have toothpaste and athletic shorts in Brazil. :) By Wednesday around 4:00, all the good-bye's had been said and we we're ready to go to Seattle, so I could leave on Thursday (today). Last night, I was able to talk to my two brothers in Colorado. My brother Aaron gave me some pretty good advice for when I go to the Amazon; he said that if a monkey throws its feces on me then it wants to fight, and to not throw mine back. I am so glad that he is the only one in our family that watches the Discovery Channel. And my other brother, Scott, ironically enough, has a friend who lives in Brazil; and even is from Belo Horizonte! I am finding it amazing how everything is serendipitously lining up perfectly in it's place. God has been blessing with these great connections and moments that will make my exchange even better! Not to mention that one of my flight attendants was an exchange student too! Although his was in the Philippines, I still thought it was pretty cool.
And today, my wonderful parents took me to the airport and we said a teary (yet not ridiculously weepy) goodbye and I was off! Checking in and security were a breeze and I found myself with almost two hours to kill. So what did I do? Got Starbucks (after a night of little sleep due to excitement) and shopped of course! I found perfect Seattle Space Needle keychains for my host family and friends :)
Well, we are 30 minutes away from landing, so I must go! Thank you to everyone who has helped get me here! I can't wait for all that lies ahead!
Goodbye America and Ola to Brazil!!!

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